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Achsar metal / Levice

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Text skladby Shadowless

z alba Septentrionalis

Autor hudby: Achsar
Autor textu: Milan Kristofik

Not all who wander are lost
Not all who come from past are ghosts
He is the bringer of resolve
To defeat ancestral foe

One of those without the shade
Hoary sentinel - keeper of man
From legend he comes - our only hope
Pathfinder on quest foretold

Wanderer I`m, without shade, without name
Only few remember, legend about my race
True quest of mine starts this day, hear my words carefully
Now walk with me a lonely way of those without shade cos I`m Shadowless

He is the voice of the past, harbinger of legacy so dark
Only united as one strong man
We are able to stop chaos itself

He is there to find four of his own blood
On his shoulders lies a burden of our time
Incredible venture and dangerous adventure

He must face now primordial evil that walks again the earth